13 Jun

Hollywood smile with Enlighten from London dentist

Over the last ten years, tooth whitening has become by far and away the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure. This is due to it becoming more widely available in the UK, and perhaps more importantly, because it has become more affordable. No longer solely affordable to the very wealthy, it is now possible for almost anybody to experience the benefits of whiter teeth.
One of the most successful tooth whitening treatments is called Enlighten. This uses specially designed trays to apply a special gel to the surface of the enamel. An active ingredient in this gel, called hydrogen peroxide, penetrates the tooth enamel and bleaches it to make it look whiter. With Enlighten it is possible to make the teeth look up to ten shades whiter, which can have quite an impact on the teeth.
Teeth whitening is so popular because of the dramatic improvement it can make to your smile with only a minimal effort. Discoloured or yellowing teeth can make you look a lot older and let’s be honest, discoloured teeth is not a very attractive look for anybody. Your smile is very important to who you are and how others perceive you so it is crucial that you are happy and comfortable with it.
London dentists offer Enlighten tooth whitening from as little as £60 a treatment. For more comprehensive treatment you should expect to pay more but the results possible are simply stunning. If you have ever dreamed of having that radiant Hollywood smile then Enlighten teeth whitening could be just the thing for you.
The effects of teeth whitening can last up to three years if you look after your teeth in the time after treatment. This involves making sure you are brushing and flossing to remove any bacteria or food that could cause discolouration.