08 Mar

Horrible Halitosis in London

In a busy demanding place like London, you would rather like to avoid placing further problems upon yourself, but it is easy to take your eye of your oral health and this could lead to halitosis, a condition that could jeopardise you both socially and at work. Ridding yourself of it isn’t that easy though and you are going to have to work hard to get rid of it. You might be wise to see a dentist before you start doing anything. This will help to eliminate plaque and tartar, tooth decay and work on signs of gum disease, as these contribute quite heavily to halitosis. Then you must sit down with a hygienist; this person can clean your teeth deeply, administer fluoride and if need be, apply dental sealants onto your teeth to minimise decay. This would also be the time to discuss your lifestyle. All of these issues arise from poor oral hygiene so this must change and you should also learn about the benefits of herbal treatments as they can help to promote fresher breath. If you smoke and drink heavily, this must change to give your mouth a fighting chance. Most of all, you need to look at your diet and then improve it so that your immune system remains strong and healthy too. Keeping your mouth hydrated is vital to maintaining saliva levels; cut down on caffeine and sugar based products, drink lots of water and use a lot of sugar-free gum, as chewing promotes saliva. If this doesn’t work, the problem is even more serious than was first suspected and you will need to see a doctor.