02 Aug

How a good Dental Implant works for you in London

Dental implants are rapidly becoming the choice of people living in London in order to overcome the chaos of tooth loss and what was once a tricky procedure to carry out, it has been simplified thanks to the technology of laser surgery. In fact, an implant can be placed with such ease and precision today to the point that it will barely take a couple of hours to do. A hole has to be made through the gum and then into the jawbone and then straight after, a tiny titanium rod is screwed into the jaw. Now it may sound awfully painful, but a laser will do very little damage and so healing after should be quick. Titanium is also used because it is very rarely rejected by the body. Once it is in and you have healed up, it will be tremendously strong and from there on in, you can have the fitting attached to it; this could be a crown, dentures or a bridge but whatever you choose to overcome your loss, the implant will serve you for life.