17 Nov

How an Inman aligner works in central London

Generally in central London, we are always on the go and fitting in time for the dentist can often be pushed to the back of our priorities. But if your treatment requires a brace, you can kill two birds with a single stone. The Inman Aligner is a fairly modern technique from the U.S for straightening teeth quickly. Due to it’s design, it can only work on aligning teeth at the front of the mouth but the treatment can take as little as 6 weeks to work, depending on how long the aligner is worn each day (20 hours are recommended) and is not overly intrusive to the look of the mouth. It works quite differently to other aligners, relying on pushing and pulling the teeth into place via a spring that applies pressure to the teeth needing straightening, whilst a bar reverses the pressure. The greatest advantage is that the aligner is removable, allowing the teeth to be cleaned properly after eating. Like other techniques however, initial fittings can cause discomfort and speech impediment, but this is only temporary and the mouth will soon adjust. Inman’s are not cheap, treatment can cost up to £1500, this due to the fact that the aligner is tailor made to suit you, but the affects are dramatic and fast.