23 Sep

How CEREC rocks in London

London is a demanding city to live and work in and it can leave you with very little time for yourself; especially trying to fit work on your teeth in if something goes wrong. You need a short, sharp fix sometimes if you want to retain that smile, which can be vitally important to you in some lines of work. Well help is at hand in the form of CEREC- a unique form of dentistry which can have you up and running in the hour. You just sit down, have images taken of your mouth and then the computer programme does the rest. It will design fittings such as a bridge, crowns or veneers and then relay this into a machine that will make your desire in less than 20 minutes. Whilst this is going on, the dentist will get to work on you and get you prepared for your fitting. CEREC truly is a joy to behold and it comes at a reasonable price too, so if you are one of these people that is constantly on the go, give it a look, for you can save valuable time.