27 May

How Decay is the Root of all evil in the City of London

The surfaces of your teeth are constantly under threat every day in the city of London from the acids and foodstuffs that you put in your mouth, and you only have to be off-guard for a day for tooth decay to start. At first it will eat away at the enamel but a regular filling will suffice at this point to repair the damage. The real danger comes when the decay breaks through the surfaces and infects the inside of the tooth. Now you are putting the tooth at risk and run the gauntlet of losing it altogether if you don’t seek help immediately from your dentist. The only thing that can be done is to have root canal treatment; this involves getting inside of the tooth and clearing out the infected pulp. But it doesn’t stop there; there is a good chance that the roots of the teeth of the teeth have been poisoned as well and they too have to be removed. This was once quite a painful treatment but now they can be cleared away in seconds thanks to laser surgery. Once the inside of the tooth is empty, it can be disinfected and then filled. In severe cases, a crown may be required to restore the tooth to its original size and shape. But be warned, you want to be careful not to let this happen again. With decay you risk tooth loss and the outbreak of abscesses, an avenue you don’t want to go down.