21 Feb

How Dentures can help you in London

For some people in London, having dentures can seem like the end of the road, this is probably because they have had bad press in the past. Dentists then would advocate having all the teeth pulled, but in the follow up treatments, would fit the patient, normally a troubled 60 something, with ill designed, plastic dentures that were often difficult to keep in the mouth. Thankfully, dentures have come a long way since those dark days and offer the modern wearer a great deal of relief. For a start, dentures can stop the face sagging and ageing that follows naturally with the removal of the teeth. They can also maintain the health of your mouth. But having a good quality set of dentures can put you back in the human race again, allowing you to eat and talk with confidence once more. As for the plastic look, dentures can now be manufactured from soft, close fitting materials that hug to the gums, and can be fitted with strong, natural looking porcelain teeth. Adhesives have also advanced greatly with time and can hold the dentures true and firm in the mouth- combine that with mini implants that lock the dentures into place and you could chew your way out of prison. Having dentures can be a shock at first, but there’s no denying the quality of life that they give back to the wearer.