04 Oct

How fighting Bad Breath can give you a better life in London

London- what a superb city, but if you want to get on board with what it demands of you and keep in the game socially with your friends and at work, you will need to look after yourself as best you can. Clothes, hairstyle, make-up- all play a part in this but then also does the state of your mouth; your smile is an important part of this chemistry, and so too is your breath: go out with a pungent smell in your mouth and you will be wasting your time, diminishing your persona and reducing your chances of getting ahead in life. Bad breath can be caused by many things: poor diet, poor oral hygiene and a suspect lifestyle each week will add to the equation and not only will you start to repel people around you, you could be heading for a fall health-wise as well. Get your dentist and hygienist on board and go through the list of things that could be causing this condition; one by one, eliminate everything and then change your life about so that you fight this condition on all fronts. It will not only be good for you in the outside world, but you will also be looking after your health as well.