13 May

How good are commercial Oral Care products? A London dentist advises

We all buy Oral Care products and we all use them, but just how good are they and do they really do what they claim to do asks a London dentist. Most of the products we buy these days will contain the usual suspects, so to speak, these are chemicals that claim to cure our oral hygiene problems. The truth in some cases is that many of these products actually do more harm than good, and we should really look at natural ways to keep our teeth and breath fresh and clean. Sucking on mints will just load your mouth with sugar or some kind of artificial sweeteners, these will in the long term help to breed bacterium which will in turn produce acid, acid that will eat away at your teeth enamel and cause you tooth loss and infections. This is all because we think that sucking a mint will cure our bad breath. Mouth washes will contain chemicals that are suppose to neutralise the bacterium that causes bad breath, however all they`ll usually do is to give your mouth a minty wash out and remove bacterium that ordinary tap water will remove anyway. All water contains the natural element Fluoride, this is an alkaline element that will kill off bacterium and stop acid from eating away your teeth enamel. Many tooth pastes claim to whiten your teeth, this can only be accomplished if you spend a lot of hours grinding away the discolouration. There are no strong chemicals in tooth paste that can bleach your teeth. Bleaching is a tried and tested method of teeth whitening. Most tooth pastes that claim this contain an abrasive that will just take off your top layer of enamel if you use it enough times. The best way to clean breath and healthy teeth is flossing, brushing and constant water washes, especially at night when the saliva glands stop working