09 Aug

How Lumineers light up the City of London

So, what can you say about the benefits of Lumineers to your smile in the city of London? Well if your teeth have been in the wars and are starting to show the signs of battle from endless fun and frolics over the years, this could be the answer to all of your problems. Lumineers are wafer thin coverings that are made from a patented porcelain and although they look so fragile in the palm of your hand, once they have been glued into place over the surfaces of your teeth, they are very strong indeed. They are beautiful to look at when in place and they will cover up any atrocities that have been occurring in your mouth. This is also a reversible process, so your teeth can be changed back to normal if you feel the desire. They aren’t the strongest option you can go for, but the original philosophy behind them was a quick fix to problems in your mouth, and they do it wonderfully.