30 Jan

How Sleep Apnoea can ruin your Heart in London

How Sleep Apnoea can break your heart in London
Sleep apnoea, like all other apnoeas in a condition that is caused by irregular breathing when you sleep in London caused essentially by the breakdown or blockage in the airways. During our sleep, we rely on the automated services to help us breathe. The brain sends out a message to the lungs to start taking in oxygen and then feed it to the heart, which pumps blood around the body and to the brain to keep the cycle going. Stop the air going into the lungs and the system starts to break down and falter, a bit like your car miss-firing. Your breathing at this point can go from very quick breaths to long pauses between breaths. The heart will come under a lot of stress and start to trip up and if the condition continues, your heart could give out altogether, but whilst this condition is going on, you can also lapse between deep and light sleep and snore ferociously ands the airways try to free themselves, which when you wake can leave you feeling exhausted, irritable and badly fatigued, and though you won’t notice it, you breathing during the day can become equally irregular- again straining the heart. You can seek therapy, medication or even breathing devices from your dentist to help free up your airways, or have physical surgery to clear the passages.