28 Aug

How the art of Invisalign treats the City of London

It is hard to think of something that will straighten your teeth in the city of London as being a work of art, but that is just what Invisalign is. It won’t work for everyone, so you will have to be vetted and tested to see if the Invisalign programme will work for your teeth, but if it does, then go for it because it takes away that entire horrible stigma that hovers over teeth straightening and forget the price for now (it isn’t cheap). You will be kitted out with a bunch of plastic, gum-shield styled aligners that you swap as your treatment progresses along; each will be removable, so that is a real bonus to your oral hygiene throughout. But saving the best until last; all of the aligners that you use will be made from clear plastic. What this means essentially is that they will be virtually invisible when they are fitted around your teeth. Now for any child, or adult, that will stop any chance of teasing in the playground or at work…how good is that? You see, price doesn’t matter when it comes to this gem of a treatment!