22 May

How to battle Oral Cancer in London

Some diseases can be cured, some can be lived with, but there’s one that constantly has a psychological affect on people like no other- cancer. Even by today’s standards, even though it’s become more treatable and in some cases curable, it won’t go away; still it seems to re-invent itself and has the same devastating affect on anyone who is diagnosed with it. Yes, it’s difficult to treat, and though new techniques and understanding of the disease are getting better the way of treating it, treatment seems to be at a crossroads. The only recognised way is still through chemo, radio or biological surgery- even physical surgery, but other ways of battling the disease have progressed immensely, especially in oral cancer. Awareness of the disease has helped to avoid it in the first place- everything in moderation, is key to avoiding most illnesses; diet, stopping smoking and excesses can help to avoid oral cancer. Catching it quickly is another way. Regular check-ups with your dentist, is your chance to discuss everything oral, and if you feel you have any problems in the mouth, any at all, your dentist will run a series of tests to check out your fears. But the real victories over cancer have been psychological ones as well. If your prepared to go all-out to beat the disease and turn your life upside down, you have more of a chance of winning.