02 Apr

How to beat Bad Breath in Central London

If you are living in the wonderful and colourful world that is central London and trying to cut it with the rest of them, your aspirations will be very much hindered if you suffer with bad breath. It can be quite a complex condition as it can be caused by many things, but you need to get it attended to quickly as it is an indicator that something is going wrong somewhere in your body- could be gastric or something oral. If it’s gastric, then this is serious and you’ll need to see a doctor as soon as you can; if it’s oral, then you need to see a dentist, better still a hygienist. A hygienist can tackle all the possible aspects causing bad breath. First of all is to check the condition of teeth and gums, as gum disease and tooth decay can give off pungent smells. Secondly, you’ll need to address your oral hygiene and then improve it through better products and possibly use herbal remedies in your daily routine. Finally you need to address yourself too: your lifestyle may well need to be looked at; diet, habits and lifestyle need to be looked at and changed. Bad breath can be beaten but you are going to have to work hard at it if you want to rid yourself of it and improve you social and working standing.