18 Jul

How to best look after your children’s teeth with London dentists

When you have children you are responsible for their health and it is something that you won’t want to compromise on. Health problems that develop during childhood can hinder them for the rest of their lives and so you’ll want to ensure that they have the best possible start in life when it comes to health. This includes taking the best care of their teeth too and so you should establish a rapport with a London dentist early on in their lives.
Childhood oral hygiene is not that much different to adult oral hygiene really. You should make sure that your children are brushing their teeth at least twice a day so that plaque cannot wear away the enamel and start to cause cavities and the resulting necessary fillings. Very young children should not use fluoride tooth paste but once over the age of about two years old they ought to so that their enamel is being strengthened.
Supervise your children so that they are brushing all of their mouth and not doing so too vigorously. In time though it will be important to give them autonomy over their tooth brushing so that they take ownership over the activity and it becomes part of their routine. Providing incentives and rewards for successful patterns of brushing can be very effective in this regard.
It can be difficult but try and restrict the amount of sugary snacks that they eat. Adults are not alone in yearning for sweet treats but children need to be careful with them so that they are not exposed to excess plaque. Try to explain why this is important so that they see the sense behind it.