30 Mar

How to Brush and Floss to freedom in the City of London

It is easy to think that your have got your oral hygiene down to a fine art in the city of London and in some cases, maybe you have- bravo! But you should never get complacent about it and it is always good to take time out to review what you are doing with your hygienist and maybe look at even better ways, as there are always new and better products coming out all the time. Brushing and flossing seem to say exactly what they do on the tin. But aside from you changing your brush regularly and buying new floss, there are always new ones to try out; they are not expensive and could improve your oral health even further, and there is nothing wrong with that. Electric brushes have evolved tremendously; ultra sound, sonic, pulse and water-pick, all remarkable in the work they do to give you a thorough clean like never before. Flosses too change in certain ways and as you get older, so will your teeth, so it is always again, good to keep trying them out. Getting your technique right in the bathroom is also essential because for all that these products promise, it you that will be doing it, so never be afraid to take time out to practise, it will benefit you in the end and do this at least twice a day and you should never have problems.