02 Nov

How to deal with a Dental Emergency in the City of London

Most households in the city of London will have some form of first aid kit in the event of a minor emergency such as cuts and grazes, but are you prepared for dental emergencies? You should be, for things can spiral out of control fast in the mouth when things start to go wrong and if you happen to be a million miles from home, your dentist is probably going to be wrapped up in bed and won’t be able to see you immediately, so you are pretty much on your own. The best way around this is to make a preemptive strike and get prepared for any thing that comes along. To do this, you should talk to your dentist first to learn about the nature of dental emergencies and what to do should one manifest itself. They are distinguishable by two categories, major and minor. Major emergencies can be anything from having quite a severe accident to the mouth that will require immediate treatment to prevent further complications or the treatment of abscesses that can lead to a life threatening situations: in the event of such problems cropping up, your dentist can supply you with an emergency number to call, or if in doubt call for an ambulance. But don’t start calling in the case of minor emergencies, things such as chips to the teeth or the loss of a filling. Yes they can be uncomfortable, but they don’t require immediate treatment and you can get by with a little home nursing. A little salt water, some pain-killers, good products and a few herbal alternatives should get you through until your dentist gets up in the morning.