24 Jan

How to Get a Perfect Denture at London dental clinic

A perfect denture is very important for our image and for self respect. There are a lot of techniques which are used to correct the denture. Of course they have advantages and disadvantages as well.
1. The spring retainer is one of the most popular methods of orthodontic treatment. There are metallic devices with brackets which need a connection element with the spring, but other devices called “self ligating” do not need it because they have a spring based shutting system built in.
-the metallic device is cheaper
-treatment time is shorter compared to other systems
-they are very solid, therefore they are more resistant
2. Damon orthodontic system was created by the orthodontic dentist Dwight Damon and it is based on a technique called “sliding doors” which allows the attachment of the bracket to the spring. Coloured braces are not needed any more, the brackets are smaller than classical ones and treatment time is shorter.
Damon treatment has the same disadvantages as the treatment with metallic braces (it leads to oral irritation) but it also has advantages:
-the brackets are smaller therefore less visible
-the treatment takes shorter time and you can get a perfect denture
3. Ceramics dental system can be used by patients who need a more discrete orthodontic treatment compared to the metallic system or the Damon system. Ceramics system’s colour is the same as the tooth colour and it cannot be seen at a distance like the classical or Damon systems.
The disadvantage of this system is its cost, obviously higher than the cost of Damon system or the classical metallic one. So it is up to you what way you want to choose to a perfect denture.