12 Mar

How to get an Emergency Dental Appointment in the City of London

Dental emergencies are a no doubt a nuisance, not just for the pain they cause you, but also for the immediate attention they require. Whether it be a ruptured ulcer or an abscessed tooth, waiting for  the next available appointment with your regular dentist isn’t always an option. In such situations, it is possible to organise an emergency appointment with a local clinic through their ‘out-of-hours’ service.
In the City of London there are many emergency clinics that offer treatment and advice if you are suffering from any of these conditions: severe toothache, broken or loose teeth,  damage to fillings, abscessed teeth, swelling of the gums or oral bleeding. With most emergency dental practices you are instructed to  ring the number shown on their website in order to organise an immediate appointment. Nonetheless, certain practices offer  a ‘request emergency call back’ system whereby you can enter your contact number and outline your problem via an online form and a member of the practice will get back to you as promptly as possible.
In some circumstances, you may be advised to head straight to A&E This is normally the case for the more serious dental problems. These include: facial swelling, a fractured or badly traumatised jaw, loss of consciousness and extensive oral bleeding.
NHS emergency clinics are provided by the government and can be found by ringing NHS direct or using the services directory to locate your nearest emergency practice. Out-of-hours dental care will cost you  £17.00 unless you are exempt from paying NHS fees. Private emergency clinics will charge a significantly higher price for any treatment or appointments.