29 Oct

How to look after your Gums in the City of London

Like the rest of your body in the city of London, the mouth is a complicated institution that relies on you being able to ensure that you doing your best to look after every tiny corner of it. The gums are one of those special little elements that add to the make-up of the mouth. They house your teeth and protect them from such horrors like plaque and tooth decay. But they are a very fragile entity and rely on you looking after them with good oral hygiene. The real dangers to your gums come from plaque and tartar, heavy medication, dry mouth and an eclectic and wayward lifestyle and as soon as you start being complacent about the way you look after your teeth, you are putting your gums at danger to disease. If you have a good dentist in your corner and look after your mouth, you should be able to care for your gums; they respond well to a good old fashioned clean, but also a bit more on top. Herbal remedies are beautiful if they are worked gently into the gums as this tends to keep the blood flowing nicely and keeps the gums in a state of joy. And if you know the joy of a having a good massage and how it feels afterwards, then apply this principle to your gums, and with a few choice products and good advice from your dentist, and your teeth will last you forever and your gums will last forever too- look after them and they’ll look after you.