22 Aug

How to overcome dental anxiety at City of London dentist

We all get anxious sometimes about certain things. It is just part of being human however unpleasant it may be. However. Being afraid or anxious about something that is going to benefit your health in the long run is not just unpleasant but also slightly irrational, but then that is the definition of fear.
Dental anxiety, or phobia, affects a surprisingly large part of the population to some degree. In a recent survey, over 90 per cent of the British public admitted to some fear of the dentist. This fear, in most cases, will be slight and easily overcome with the knowledge that they are receiving the right dental treatment to look after their teeth. But for some people, the idea of going to the dentist is simply too much and the fear wins out over the need for treatment.
This can often lead to an exacerbation of dental health problems ironically increasing the need for dental treatment. The main causes of these dental phobias are usually traumatic experiences during childhood. Of course, what many patients don’t realise is that dentists have come along way since the days of their childhood. Modern dentists are trained to help relax anxious patients. This may involve using relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises and even aromatherapy. Lavender oil has been found to be particularly useful when it comes to relaxing patients immediately prior to an appointment.
For some patients just talking to a City of London dentist is enough to help them overcome their fears. By doing this they learn exactly what is going to happen during treatment removing the fear of the unknown and also developing a personal relationship and trust with the dentist. No matter how serious your phobia, you can overcome it and receive the right treatment for your teeth.