20 May

How to stop grinding your teeth in Central London

Do you find yourself getting stressed most days in central London, because it is a busy bustling place to work- you can get through a lot of coffee and tempers can flare; and when you get home, do you find yourself agitated and short tempered? Do you find the next day that you don’t feel you’ve slept well? Take all this on board, for you may be a prime candidate for the destructive force of teeth grinding. Not only can this cause damage to your teeth (easy to remedy with a mouth guard), but it can seriously affect the joints and muscles in your jaw, damage your hearing and cause problems in your neck.
It’s hard to know whether you have a problem at first, but worn teeth and aching jaws are signs that you have a problem, but as long you keep up appointments with the dentist, they should be able to spot the issue. However, it’s going to take a lot more than a dental check-up to overcome the condition, it will take a bit of a lifestyle change. It’s important that you sit down and identify what it is that you are doing during your average day that makes you stressed, and then turn it on its head. A stress management plan will not only allow you to control anxieties and any anger during the day, but it can also teach you sedation and relaxation techniques when you get home so you sleep less anxiously, and more calmly.