03 May

How to stop grinding your teeth in your sleep; by a Central London dentist

Teeth Grinding is such a medical concern they even have a special term for it; Bruxism. It usually starts in childhood when a child gets their two top and bottom teeth, at around the age of 10 months says a Central London dentist. It isn’t harmful at that age and many children don’t even grind all night long. When they get older the Bruxism can become more prominent and harmful, as it will wear down the adolescent teeth prematurely, this in turn will cause infections and nerve exposure problems. The cause is usually down to anxiety, even when the sufferer isn’t aware of the cause of the anxiety. The other problem it causes is headaches, sleeplessness and jaw ache, all of which are basically non-treatable because in order to treat them you would need to eliminate the Bruxism. There are loads of cures, that is the good news, the bad news is that most of these cures are `Old Wives Tales` and simply don’t work. The really good methods that do work are mouth guards that won`t stop the grinding, but will stop the damage and the other problems from happening. Hypnosis and anxiety management will also help a lot, they are tried and tested methods that are being recommended these days by many dentists. As worry, stress and pressure of work are thought to be the 3 most common causes of Bruxism, if you look at getting treated for these symptoms, and then you may well find the problem will disappear as quickly as it came. It may also help to consult your doctor as they may be aware of the problem; sufferers have reported that muscle relaxers have helped with the problem. There is even a Bruxism Association, which tells us that you as a sufferer are not alone, look them up on the web as they will be aware of the latest news, cures and information about this most unusual complaint.