21 May

How to take on Oral Cancer in London

There is never any easy way to prepare yourself for the fight against oral cancer, but you shouldn’t just lie down either.This disease is on the increase in London- is it down to lifestyle, stress of the city, poor diet, nasty habits….we don’t quite know, but if you have got a problem, you know that you pretty well have to change a lot of things you were doing before.
From diagnosis until treatment, you should ready yourself and have things in place- a pre and post operation support team, friends and family, everything you can in order to give yourself the best opportunity to recover.
If you have been wise, you would have noticed something going wrong in your mouth early on- sore throats, repetitive ulcers and sores- something out of the ordinary, which gives you pole position for the treatment to work- the early the diagnosis, the easier to treat.However, the treatment itself can be very harrowing itself and you need to be ready for some nasty periods after the operation- this also depends on the type of treatment you had, radio or chemotherapy, or actual physical surgery.
This is where the support come in and you should lean heavily on it if you need it. Of course, by this time you should be well on the way to recovery and have a new regime set up for your life ahead so that the illness doesn’t re-offend. Remember, as well as the disease being on the increase, so are the recovery rates.