10 Jun

How to treat an Abscessed Tooth in the City of London

If you live quite a wayward and carefree life in the city of London, it is easy to ignore the things that should be important to you- like your oral health. One of the biggest threats begins with the build up of decay in the teeth. Caused by many things, mainly poor oral hygiene, the decay- if unchecked will poison the inside the tooth all the way to the roots. This will eventually infect the gum socket and with nowhere to go, will manifest itself as an abscess, which will cause your face to blow-up, whilst poisoning the blood and the first thing you must do is to find somewhere you can get antibiotics: a dentist or a hospital is the outlet you must find, and quick, because and abscess is highly dangerous. Once you have started taking the antibiotics, it could be a few days before the swelling subsides and the poison has been checked. But that hasn’t solved the problem because the decay is still there and the abscess will simply do the same again. Once your dentist is happy that you are in the clear from the abscess, you will need all of the decay cleared out and the roots removed with canal treatment. This will help save the tooth and hopefully, stop the abscess from coming back. A warning though: abscesses often come back and the only guaranteed way to stop this is to have the tooth removed.