30 Jun

How veneers can instantly transform your smile

Have you ever wished you could click your fingers and transform your smile? Do you feel self-conscious about your crooked, stained or wonky teeth? Do you long for a smile you can be proud to show off? At Baker Street Dental, we don’t claim to work miracles, but we can achieve some pretty incredible transformations. If you’re looking for a treatment to turn dull, dishevelled teeth into a dazzling new smile, we promise you you’re in the best hands.

Our veneer treatments

Veneers are incredibly popular, and they’ve gained a reputation for creating Hollywood smiles often found on the red carpets and glossy pages of fashion and beauty magazines. The good news is that you don’t have to be an A-list celebrity to have a wonderful smile. Veneers are accessible to everyone, and we have an impressive range of treatments and systems available.
Veneers are ultra-fine sheets of ceramic material, which are shaped to fit over your natural teeth. They can be used to address a diverse range of aesthetic issues, including staining and discolouration, misshapen teeth, gaps between the teeth and chips and worn edges. If you thought it was impossible to turn unsightly teeth into radiant pearly whites, think again!

Our veneer treatments include:

  • Da Vinci veneers
  • MACveneers
  • Durathin veneers

We also offer composite veneers. Composite veneers are more affordable than porcelain veneers, and they can also be fitted immediately. These veneers are made from a tooth-coloured material called dental composite and they can be bonded directly onto the natural tooth surface.
Which veneers are best for me?
The type of veneers you choose may depend on your preferences in terms of budget and treatment time, and of course, the kind of smile you want to achieve. Some treatments are associated with all-out glamour, while others produce more subtle, natural looking aesthetics. If you’re considering veneers, we strongly recommend booking a consultation. Our dental team can talk you through the treatment options, answer your questions and have a look at your teeth to help you decide which type of veneer treatment would be best for you.