12 Sep

Identifying Bad Teeth in Central London

You would think that in a modern world and a modern place like central London, it would almost be impossible to suffer from ‘bad’ teeth: there are fabulous dentists around and fabulous products to back them up with. However, the term ‘bad’ can be loosely used some times when it comes to teeth. The more obvious use of the word, when relating to teeth, is for teeth that are rotting, badly  discoloured and look frankly hideous when a person smiles, but ‘bad’ can be used in many other contexts as well: teeth that stick out, are crooked, discoloured, gummy or aged- people can inherit ‘bad’ teeth as well- there are many factors involved. Of course though, there is nothing the modern dentist can’t do to get you smiling again, so from that point of view, there is no excuse for having unsightly teeth and by getting some work done comes incentives and rewards to having your teeth fixed up. Poor teeth can seriously affect the way you try to move up the social and working ladder- remember, the smile is one of the first things another person sees in you so having good teeth is essential if you want to get on and speaking of which, bad teeth can kill your confidence and make you introverted. But the real gain of having healthy teeth is that they will promote a healthy body, and vice-versa. Rotting teeth, apart from looking ghastly and giving you bad breath, can promote gum disease, which over time and left unchecked can cause some of the body’s most vital organs, the heart being the main one, to fail.