12 Nov

If You Have Dental Pain, Visit Your London Dental Clinic

Your London dentist can rapidly treat your dental pain, and it may not all that bad, so don’t put it off! Dental pain results from injury to the dental pulp or tissues supporting the teeth (the periodontium). At early stages pulpal disease(s) can be classified as reversible, if there is not permanent damage. Symptoms of pulpal pain may include teeth sensitivity brought on by tactile sensations or cold, hot, and sweets. Periodontal pain results from an infection in the gum or bone that may lead to an abscess. If left untreated, serious problems such as cellulitis can result. Dental pain is acute in nature, and rapid and effective treatment by your London dentist with tooth restoration(s), root canal treatment, tooth/teeth extraction(s), or gingival curettage will result in the resolution of pain. Once treated, the pain usually goes away immediately or only lasts 1-2 days.
A dental caries lesion (a cavity) occurs when there is a hole present in the outer tooth surface. During a dental exam, your London dentist will use an instrument called an explorer to find cavities. If the explorer sticks into a tooth, it has a cavity. When this is felt by your tongue or finger, the cavity may have progressed to its later stages. A white spot on your tooth may turn into a cavity. However, not all white spots do turn into cavities. Dental X-rays are required to detect cavities that are not visible clinically and those between your teeth. Dental pain is usually a sign of dental disease(s).