28 Aug

Illuminating Lumineers in Central London

Cosmetic dentistry is a wonderful thing when you think about it- there is nothing you can’t get today in central London to make your teeth shine like lots of stars in your smile. Lumineers are one of those treatments that rather sum up the city- quick fix, here now, gone tomorrow. Well maybe that’s a bit harsh, but there are elements of that in this treatment. Most veneers can last for quite a while- they are robust and durable, but that’s because they are made from thicker porcelain and this means a lot of irreversible removal of the tooth’s enamel is required before they can be cemented into place. The Lumineer is not the same: it is made from extremely thin, patented porcelain that gives off a stunning hue and when it’s made, all it requires is to be glued onto the surface of the tooth without damaging the enamel. They don’t have the longevity of normal veneers but then, they can be replaced quickly or the process can be discarded altogether if it is so desired. Lest we forget, these cute babies can get you looking lovely and smiling with confidence in a hurry.