24 May

Illuminating Lumineers in London

There is nothing sexier than a glorious smile and if you’re going to get one and need one, ‘go get them’ London is the place to smile if you want to get ahead of the competition. Most people would say that up until the age of thirty something, their teeth have looked after themselves quite well even through everything you have thrown at them. But the ravishes of time wait for no-one and your teeth will start to look a little jaded; some may even crack and become worn and discoloured.
So if this is the case for you, it’s time to opt for some back-up and one of the most versatile little treatments you can have to cover up all of these sins is to have some Lumineers fitted. These darlings are a wafer thin covering made from patented porcelain designed to seal up the gaps in your teeth, cover up any problems and restore the length to your teeth again- in the process they will rejuvenate your smile once more. When you get to your dentist, you will be measured up using impressions of your teeth so that these mouldings can be used to make your fittings with.
Once done, your teeth will be cleaned and dried before the Lumineers are cemented onto the surface of the tooth and that’s it! Looked after, they can last you for years, and if you need new ones, you simply discard the old ones. The good thing about this process as well is that no damage is done to the tooth’s enamel, so that you can revert back to your old teeth. Essentially, Lumineers are a throw away commodity that can be used for people on the move- easy come, easy go.