28 Mar

Illuminating Lumineers in the City of London

It is great to see just how far dentistry has come in the city of London over the past fifty years, especially in the cosmetic department. More and more people are turning to cosmetic dentistry in order to find that elusive perfect smile; some treatments are easy, such as teeth whitening, but others are designed for more intricate work to make you look young, and therein lies a problem- ageing, and it is why treatments can get intricate. Though ageing is as difficult to halt as stopping the sea levels in the Thames rising each year, you can hold it off for a bit. Veneers are the preferred way to cover up the signs of ageing in your teeth: gaps will appear, cracks will show in the ever dulling enamel and your teeth may become worn down; combined with receding gums as well. Veneers literally just cover all these problems over and there is a right little cracker that is ready to help you out, the Lumineer. This illuminating dish is made from special porcelain that is not only beautiful, but is very strong indeed. All you need to do is let your dentist take a cast of your teeth and gums and once these tiny little gems return from the lab where they are made, your dentist will simply cement them straight onto the surfaces of your teeth, and it’s this that gives them their strength. The look will blow you away and you won’t recognise the smile you have for the first few days: beautiful you, and if you treat them with a bit of respect, they will last for years.