14 Feb

Illuminating Tooth Whitening with Enlighten in London

There are some treatments that come along and are an instant hit with patients and dentists alike, and when it comes to getting your teeth whitened in London, there is none more fanciful than Enlighten Tooth Whitening. The beauty of this is your dentist gets start you off and gets to keep an eye on you as well, which would not be the case if you decided to buy a kit across the counter. Now though Enlighten is vastly more expensive than DIY kits, it is the best that money can buy and the results are phenomenal. Your dentist will first kick off proceedings by measuring you up for your air-tight bleaching trays and once they have been made, you can start your treatment in earnest. Each night before you turn-in, you load the bleaching trays with the bleaching agent and then pop them over the surfaces of your teeth. In the morning, you take them out and go about your daily tasks, being sure not to put anything in your mouth that may stain your teeth. You carry out this every night for two weeks before returning to see you dentist who will give you a session of laser whitening and that’s it- you’re done. The results surpass any other treatment on the market and should last you a good 5 years before you need a top-up.