02 Aug

Imaginary Teeth Straightening in Central London

Braces eh? The very thought of them can sender shivers and fear down your spine and if you have to wear them, it can be a good couple of years of anguish ahead and if you are at school, playground ridicule as well. The thing is you are having your teeth straightened for your oral health immediately, and in the future too. But, help is at hand in the form of Invisalign, an aligner that promises to relieve you of your concerns. For starters, it’s quick, three times as quick as most braces around and once you have enrolled onto the programme, you will over the time, be fitted with a series of aligners (as your teeth move) that are removable, which can be great for when you just sit down to eat, clean your teeth or for those ‘special’ occasions, though for these special moments, you won’t have to take it out because no-one will know you are wearing it! You see, the aligner in manufactured from a transparent, clear plastic, making it virtually impossible for anyone to detect in your mouth- it’s invisible!! And that rather covers the critical issues that affect anyone wearing traditional fixed braces. You should ask your dentist in central London about Invisalign and see if you fit the bill.