12 Sep

Impact of Credit Crunch on the Dentists in London

A sudden reduction in the availability of loans from the banks is known as Credit Crunch. This situation often arises during times of recession or sudden unexpected changes in the financial status of the country. The conditions of obtaining a loan from the banks get tight and strict. The credit crunch has affected people largely that they cut down dental visits.
People nowadays are struggling to pay their bills and such a situation puts them in more trouble. They have to suffer with their painful tooth for a long time before they are finally able to manage the money to visit a dentist. The dentists of London have reported that the number of extractions have gone down considerably since financial instability had set in.
A survey was taken around the city to know how credit crunch has affected the people in visiting the dentists. According to the report, there has been a decrease of thirty percent of extractions and fifty seven percent of complex treatments in the last 2 years. Parents preferred to pay their children’s school fees rather than sorting out their teeth. In the last year, more than half of the population has not met the dentist because they could not afford the private fees. People adopt some home remedies and try to postpone their visit to the doctor. Only if the condition is severe and they do not have any option left in front of them they consult a dentist.
Dental check-ups are suffering a lot due to this recession in the country. Credit crunch has stolen the smiles from the faces of the people.