17 Aug

Implants in Central London

Tooth loss can affect people in many different ways in central London, but in all cases, initially, there will be some shock to the system and it is how you handle this that can affect the rest of your life, especially with total tooth loss. Dentures are the more common solution in this case, though it rather sets you onto the road of old age psychologically and for a long time, there really was no other option. However, over the years, dental implants have slowly been developing behind the scenes, but it was a very exclusive and expensive treatment, let alone complex. But it did its apprenticeship during that time and dentists learnt invaluable knowledge of the treatment and it got better and better as it grew in stature. However, with the introduction of laser surgery, the treatment truly came of age and unbelievably, it is now a routine operation carried out in most dental surgeries everywhere. It still involves the placement of a titanium ‘root’ into the jawbone but with lasers and computers, the procedure can be done with accuracy and with the minimum of damage to the jawbone and surrounding gum tissue. What this means is that anyone can now have this treatment done and it is the most liberating, clean and durable way to overcome tooth loss. Moreover, the hope is that one day; the need for full dentures will become a thing of the past.