03 Jan

Improve your life with bad breath treatment from Central London dentist

Few things are less attractive to members of the opposite sex than bad breath. It seems to signal a complete unawareness and total disregard for personal hygiene. Although, the fact is that we have probably all suffered from bad breath at one time or another. Many people think that bad breath is caused by internal digestion problems but this is only true in a fraction of cases. Over 95 per cent of cases of bad breath are caused by bacteria in the mouth and can easily be cured with better oral hygiene.
Bad breath is mostly caused by decaying food matter trapped between the teeth or in the grooves of the tongue. Because the spaces between the teeth are hard to clean with a regular brush, food can get lodged there. If this happens, bacteria begin to break down the food, releasing nasty smelling sulphurous compounds, which are carried out on our breath. The same process happens on the grooves of the tongue where it is too spongy to be cleaned effectively with a brush.
The way to deal with these problems is to remember to floss and use a specially designed tongue cleaner. Flossing reaches the parts of the teeth that normal brushes can’t. The wire goes in the tiny spaces between teeth to free up lodged food and remove plaque. A tongue cleaner or scraper removes some of the millions of bacteria that live on the moist, warm surface.
If you or a loved one suffer from bad breath, it is always a good idea to see a Central London dentist who can offer advice on more effective cleaning and isolate the exact source of the problem. There is no need to suffer in silence or live with the anxiety of bad breath any longer. By making a few simple changes and visiting a dentist you could have clean fresh breath all the time.