21 Jul

Improve your smile with teeth whitening from Central London dentist

Discolouration of the teeth is very common, especially among smokers and coffee drinkers. Some staining can be removed with improved brushing and flossing but in general, discolouration is a permanent condition. That is unless you opt to have a teeth whitening process to restore the colour of your teeth.
There are many teeth whitening systems available at Central London dentists but they all follow much the same format. A specially designed tray is made to fit the individual’s teeth and then filled with the special whitening agent. This contains hydrogen peroxide, the active ingredient that penetrates into the tooth enamel and gradually turns it white, including any patches of staining or discolouration.
Teeth whitening treatments vary in length according to the needs and budget of the patient. It is possible to have simple half hour appointments but for more effective results you may want to consider a more comprehensive treatment. It is possible to achieve results of up to ten shades whiter in some cases, but regardless of the type of teeth you may have, it will be possible to improve the appearance of your smile.
Teeth whitening is a relatively painless procedure of carried out in surgery by a dentist. They will be able to use all the necessary safety equipment to protect your soft tissue form the possible dangers of contact with the peroxide. Some patients do notice a slight increased sensitivity in the 48 hours after treatment but this will usually be mild and disappear soon after.