03 Apr

Improvements through Implants in London

In London today, there are many ways to address the problem of tooth loss: dentures are fine, bridges are even better, but if you want total freedom and something permanent, the way to go is a dental implant, which ironically is also used in conjunction with bridges and dentures. This has become a very streamlined treatment to have done thanks to computer and laser technology and you can have one put in and raring to go in a day. It involves the placement of a small yet robust titanium spike that is screwed into the jawbone. This is now done with the minimum of damage to the jaw and the gum tissue so that healing is very quick and once your dentist is happy and you are ready to go, your new fitting can be attached to the implant. Implants are very resistant to infections and once they are in, you pretty much have them for life. Prices can vary greatly, and then on top of that, you have your fitting too to take into account, but generally, competition and ease of the procedure has seen a dramatic fall in costs. However, there are price plans and insurance you can take out to cover the treatment and besides, the benefits that having an implant fitted should be enough for you to shun the cost and enjoy permanent dental freedom in the future.