01 Mar

In London own a dazzling smile with veneer

Here in London, all are conscious about their appearance and smile has an important role in boosting ones image, which is a major factor contributing to one’s personal and professional success. Here comes veneer, which can help us achieve our dream, a dazzling, pearly, Hollywood smile. Now on, we don’t have to cover our smile just because of our stained or not-so-good-looking teeth. Veneers are very thin, custom-made, shells of some materials used in cosmetic dentistry to improve our smile conservatively. In this method, we are able to preserve our natural teeth and work on it to improve its appearance.
Veneers are found to be effective on dull or highly discoloured teeth from excessive coffee drinking, smoking, fluorosis or from certain antibiotic medication. These are of two types depending on the materials used to manufacture them, such as Porcelain veneers and composite resins. As regards their quality, porcelain veneers are the long lasting ones, but they are more expensive too. These veneers can be easily made in dental labs and they are applied to the front of the teeth. These are actually bonds, which stick to the normal enamel to give a natural look. Veneers are used to fix various conditions of teeth such as breakage of some parts, trauma, to reshape uneven teeth, chipped teeth, teeth with gap, irregular teeth, etc. Porcelain veneers give your teeth a natural look and can give the much-needed whiteness. Veneers are applied to the front surface of your teeth and require your teeth to be prepared to receive the veneer. To prepare, dentist would remove a thin layer of the enamel from your teeth, which would be replaced by the veneer. The thickness of the enamel trimmed off generally would be around 0.5 mm. Resin veneers require lesser trimming than porcelain veneers. Depending up on your requirement, your dentist would be able to judge which method suits you. In London, you might need 1 to 2 visits to your dentist for this type of procedure. Once prepared you may have to wait till the veneer is made by the dental lab according to the model or impression of your teeth. Sometimes, you may receive a temporary veneer to reduce the sensitivity of the teeth. After cleaning, polishing, and etching, the veneer is permanently applied to the teeth, which can be done in one sitting itself using a dental milling machine. After the veneer is permanently placed, you may be required to return for a followup visit to check the gums for any possible inflammation. Though porcelain veneers are stain resistant, regular maintenance and cleaning, and avoiding stain-causing drinks or colas are recommended. If used properly, veneers last more than 10 years. If we chew hard objects such as pencil, nail, ice, etc., veneer can break off, which is impossible to repair and would need replacement. So, It is not a good choice for teeth grinders.