04 Mar

Incredible CEREC techniques available from City of London dentists make dental procedures more efficient

For many years dentists relied on the traditional x-ray and processes such as taking moulds of the teeth with dental putty. These techniques have always been effective but they are also rather inefficient and contributed to the need for often lengthy and repeat visits to the surgery. Thankfully, advances in technology mean that such things will soon be a thing of the past.
CEREC techniques allow a great variety of dental procedures to be carried out with far greater, speed, efficiency and accuracy by your dentist. For example, CEREC allows your dentist to take digital x-rays of your mouth which can allow him or her an interactive three dimensional view of the way your teeth are laid out. In the past, repeated x-rays would have to be taken for your dentist to see more than just one angle of your mouth. This could contribute to costs too.
The things that dentists are now able to do with this digital data are incredible. They can send it to an online milling machine which is able to construct a new porcelain veneer or crown in just six minutes flat, ready to be fitted by your dentist.
If you have been put off going to have a bit of work done by your dentist because of your busy life, CEREC techniques might be the solution you have been looking for because of the way they cut down the amount of time it is necessary to actually spend at the surgery.
In spite of the cutting edge technology employed, procedures using CEREC are actually comparable in cost because they eliminate the need for lab fees to develop the x-rays. Next time you are at your City of London dental surgery, be sure to ask about how CEREC technology is changing dentistry forever.