24 Apr

Inman Aligners and their advantages; by a City of London dentist

Inman Aligners are a revolutionary step forward in braces, they are the latest method used by adults to straighten their teeth and they work very well says a City of London dentist. They have the advantage of being able to be taken out by the client when they are eating or cleaning their teeth. For the busy executive they are extremely handy, they can be slipped out for business meetings, lunches and dinners and then slipped back in when it is over. The removal won`t deter from the process. The braces are all made in advance as a series of braces. This is all done using the latest technology to produce calculations for the pressure points of the brace. The calculations are worked out via a computer program that gets information from scanned in photos, and a mould of the teeth. The program produces a 3D film that helps the dentist and the patient see the results, even before the treatment has started. The braces are changed every 2 weeks and they have all the pressure points built in, the only drawback is that the gubbings are situated on the inside of the teeth, so they are no good at straightening the back teeth, only the front ones. The treatment takes around 3 to 8 months to straighten teeth, and this involves nature as well. The brace is designed so that it interferes with the blood flow in the gums, this allows the blood platelets to deposit new bone growth behind the tooth that is being moved. This will prevent the tooth dropping back into its old position. All in all the Inman Aligner has been a God Send to many patients who have misaligned teeth, and will continue to do so for many decades yet.