15 Dec

Inman aligners from City of London dentists straighten teeth fast

Having your teeth straightened in the past was a lengthy process that obscured your mouth behind unsightly metal brackets and wires, sometimes for as long as several years. There is now a new product that can give you stunningly straight teeth in just weeks. What’s more, it is virtually invisible and allows you to smile with confidence while it is working on your teeth.
The Inman aligner treatment can be complete in as little as six weeks with an average time of less than six months. It is completely removable, a major improvement on traditional braces which could often trap food and be difficult to clean. Inman aligners can also be taken out for social occasions if you feel that it will boost your self-confidence to do so.
The only part of Inman that is at all visible is a discreet bar that goes across your front teeth. The real workings of Inman sit inside your mouth in the form of a coiled spring which gently pushes your teeth out into a straight line against the straightening bar at the front of the mouth. Small alignment issues are easily dealt with by Inman but it cannot do the more difficult job of actually rotating teeth.
Even though Inman can be so much faster than traditional braces, it is roughly the same cost as many other orthodontic treatments. Ask your City of London dentist about how this revolutionary product can discreetly and quickly rectify your problems with misaligned teeth.