27 Jun

Interdental Teeth Cleaning is Essential For Healthy Teeth. Ask Your London Dentist For Help

People often forget about the spaces between their teeth. But in these tiny gaps there can be a build up of plaque and bacteria which left unattended can cause great damage. Using floss or interdental cleaning brushes will allow you to make sure the space between your teeth is as clean as the rest of your mouth.
Regular flossing is very effective for interdental cleaning. Your local London dentist recommends doing at least once or twice a day. Floss is easy to find in most supermarkets and comes in a variety of different forms depending on your needs. Simply taking a length of floss and run it along the edge of each tooth to clean off any food particles or plaque. Make sure to gently run the floss above the gum line to remove anything that might cause gum disease. Floss holders are available for those who cannot hold the floss comfortably.
If you have larger spaces between your teeth you may find that interdental brushes are a more effective instrument for cleaning. Starting with sizes as small as 0.4mm and going up to 1.5mm, these brushes offer a very effective way to remove built up deposits of plaque. During your regular visit, or as necessary, your dentist will be able to do a scaling and polishing that will thoroughly clean your teeth and remove any stubborn material that is stuck between your teeth.
When you fist begin to clean between your teeth you may find your gums begin to bleed in the process. Some bleeding is normal to begin with and should not cause concern. After a couple days you will find the bleeding reduces and eventually stops. If the bleeding is excessive or continues beyond a few days you should visit your local dentist as soon as possible.