24 Jan

Interdental teeth cleaning tips by a London dentist

It refers to removal of the plaque in between two teeth where the normal brushes cannot reach. Brushing with the normal brush removes only 60% of the plaque. We have to floss constantly to remove the remaining parts of the plaque. Tooth decay usually starts in between to teeth. Therefore inter dental cleaning is essential for the lifelong health of your teeth and gum. There are many devices available in the market for inter dental cleaning .That includes,
1. Inter dental Brush
2. Dental Floss
3. Tooth Picks
4. Inter space Brush
5. Irrigation Devices
6. Floss Threaders
Inter dental Brush
This brush has a long narrow handle with an extra fine bristled tapered brush head. Inter dental brush is used for patients with periodontitis and whose teeth has wide spacing.
Dental Floss
Dental Floss is a kind of tape made of round or flat extra strong nylon fiber. Dental floss generally recommended for people with tight contacting teeth.
Tooth picks
These are the traditional and most convenient device to clean the plaque in between teeth. These are commonly found in every restaurant and can provide sudden relief from food stuck in between teeth.
Irrigation Devises
In this method of dental cleaning, a strong pressured stream of water is passed through mouth to clean the plague in between teeth. Instead of water, sometimes mouth was solution swill be used in this method of cleaning.