18 Feb

Investing in Invisalign in London

When it comes to that fateful day when your dentist announces to you that your teeth need to be straightened, it can strike fear into you and conjure up horrible images of a rail network running around your mouth. But before you get carried away, you should shop around because there are some brilliant aligners that you’d be better investing in and one such gem running around London right now is Invisalign. First thing you have to do is check your suitability for this treatment and this is done by taking images of your teeth. If all is okay, then further x-rays and images will be sent off so that a series of aligners can be up for you. Then when done, you are fitted with your first one. The good thing about this aligner is it gets the job done quickly, anywhere from 9-18 months; a better thing is that it can be removed for cleaning and other purposes. The most fabulous thing though is that it is manufactured from a completely transparent plastic, meaning that it is literally invisible when in place in your mouth. That right there is the reason to break out the money for this treatment!