03 Nov

Invisalign in the capital- London

Having to wear traditional braces over a period of time can be quite traumatic, especially for young people. But if your vanity is important to you and you fancy a short, sharp fix-and have the money, a new method from across ‘the pond’ called Invisalign could be the answer, according to a London dentist. Treatment times and vanity reasons give this aligner a greater advantage over others. It’s can gently ease the teeth into position in a third of the time that most other methods take. But the greatest advantage is that it is almost invisible in the mouth (being transparent) and if you are at school, this can help avoid the playground teasing. Invisalign uses modern technologies in the consultation process and, using 3-D images, can give a projection of the final result.
Normally the aligner will be upgraded every month as the teeth start to move. Irritation is minimal due of the lack wires and high hygiene can be maintained throughout this treatment because the aligner is removable; a great advantage when eating and brushing.
It is generally recommended that the aligner be worn around 20 hours a day for the treatment to work. But for around £3000, you can get back that smile in a hurry without the fear of school-yard ridicule.