25 Sep

Invisalign or Metal Braces…you decide in London

When it comes down to what to choose to get your teeth straightened in London, there are many factors that decide the type of treatment you have. Metal braces are a tried and tested method of straightening teeth. Firstly, they move the teeth slowly so that the mouth can adjust to the changes being put upon it- this is important in teenage years as the teeth are still developing at the same time. Also, some of the more modern designs sit sympathetically in the mouth and look discreet; they are also the cheapest on the market. The downside to this treatment is they are fixed and can be very difficult to clean, making the mouth very vulnerable to bacterial infection for up to the two years they will have to be worn. They also come with an old fashioned stigma of how they look in the mouth too. The opposite side of the coin is Invisalign- no stigma here for they come in the form of a completely transparent gum-shield that is almost impossible to notice in the mouth. They are fast too, doing the job in around a third of the time that metal braces take and to add to the CV, they are removable which is great when it comes down to hygiene. The negatives- not everyone is suitable for the program as they only work in certain ways and they are far more expensive that metal braces. There is also another important factor in choice- your dentist. They will inevitably advise you on what will be the more beneficial treatment for your mouth in the long run.