23 Feb

Invisalign over Metal Braces in Central London

The words ‘metal braces’ conjures up horrible visions of a mouth full of metal tubing with rotting food stuck to it. It’s true that fixed metal braces can look ugly in the mouth and can be a nightmare to clean. But braces and aligners have changed dramatically over the past 10 years and the best example to back this statement is the Invisalign treatment, and there are many reasons you should choose this teeth straightening method over metal braces. Firstly, wearing braces is a chore and look ugly and embarrassing in the mouth- with Invisalign there’s none of this. It’s a completely transparent gum shield that’s barely visible in the mouth at all. Secondly, traditional braces are hard to clean and house damaging bacteria that can lead to other problems in the mouth; Invisalign can be removed for eating and for brushing and flossing and most important of all, kissing! But the third advantage of Invisalign is treatment times. It works on the teeth very quickly in a third of the time that metal braces take to work. Ok, Invisalign is a lot more expensive, starting at around £1800. But if you are a teenager, all the afore mentioned advantages are very important and can mean the difference between growing up in those all important, formulative and influential years, with or without the fear of hurtful, schoolyard ridicule.