11 Oct

Invisalign® System Available in London

Invisalign® is currently available to you at your London dental clinic. They are composed of a progression of plastic clear trays that fit over your teeth made by intricate methods using a special computer. Invisalign® is used at your London-based dentist to straighten and move your teeth. Invisalign® has changed orthodontics, and the orthodontic bracket and wire systems. Invisalign® is practically unnoticeable, and is much more comfortable than the braces of old. It performs its results in one half to one third the time of traditional braces. Invisalign® is not a complete substitution for traditional braces, as it cannot be used on teeth that are not totally erupted or on very crowded teeth; it is very popular.Go visit your London dentist to see if you are a good candidate. The dentist should examine your mouth and take X-rays of your teeth, along with impressions to be used as study models and computer analysis. The computer will determine how many trays you will require to obtain the desired results. It usually ranges from between 12-48 trays made of clear plastic. These will be fabricated by an outside laboratory and returned to your dentist’s office. Your dentist will advise you on how to insert your trays. They may be uncomfortable for a short time, as the trays are designed to the new positions of you teeth. After your teeth move to this new position, they then rest, and the process resumes with the next sequential tray until your desired result is achieved. You will probably have to visit your dentist regularly so the they can monitor the teeth movements.