14 Dec

Invisalign: the perfect treatment in London

There are some fantastic braces and aligners on the market today in London that promise to get your teeth into shape in as quickly as possible, which for anyone that has to endure this torrid time of their lives is a dream. But for most people, it’s not the time it takes so much as how the brace looks in the mouth, especially if the treatment is lengthy. But from the U.S.A has come an absolute dream of an aligner that blows all of these concerns out of the water- Invisalign, and it’s an aligner that flies in the face of convention when it comes to teeth straightening. Its biggest selling point is that it is made from a clear plastic that is almost impossible to detect by anyone else but you and that alone comes as the biggest relief for anyone about to get their teeth straightened. As for the time involved, that also comes as a bonus, for it works a lot faster than most other aligners and braces around- most treatments are over in around a year: funny really since you can’t see it. But to seal the deal for anyone who is thinking about Invisalign, the aligner only has to be worn for about 22 hours a day….yes, it can be taken out: the implications of this are great because you can carry on eating and cleaning your teeth as you would normally do. Prices do vary from place to place, but to hell with the price, it’s what it does and how it does it that matter.